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The typical design of the Powersports batteries available on the market has not changed for many years. MOTOBATT has been listening to its customers and studying the market to find out how Powersports batteries are typically used. The top requirements were:

1. High starting loads and more than ever before
2. Additional loads through high performance accessories
3. Covering as many battery types as possible with one model

Many of the requirements are met by different manufacturers through a higher cold start current (CCA). However, providing a higher cold start current than is actually required for your motorcycle is of little benefit.

The design of a battery always requires a compromise, as the physical battery size is limited by the container size. This means that the higher the cold start current (CCA) (increased number of thinner plates), the less ampere-hours (Ah) it gets - and vice versa. The key to success is to develop a battery that balances maximum capacity (Ah) with high cold start current (CCA) to quench the thirst of your original and retrofit accessories over time.

The innovative 'Power Balanced' batteries from MOTOBATT offer the perfect solution.

Technical data:
12 V, 19.0 Ah
Manufacturer's cold start current: 200 CCA at minus 18 degrees
181 x 151 x 91 (H x W x D)

Replacement for the following batteries: -==- PROUDLY PRESENTS

Technical data

Artikel: PW-294-089
EAN: 4054783183777
Manufacturer: MOTOBATT
Execution: wartungsfrei
Category: AGM Batterien
Weight: 5.5000
Depth: 91.00 mm

Please note, that vehicle spare parts should only be installed by a qualified specialist workshop to ensure their proper function and the road safety of the vehicle.:

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