Colad antidust 20l

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Manufacturer Nr:8140

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Colad antidust 20l


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Colad antidust 20l

Colad® adhesive paint for painting "Anti Dust" Adhesive paint for painting. He binds dirt and dust and paint mist. The paint smells fresh, has a clear color and is environmentally friendly. Easy to apply with spray gun, brush or roller. With warm water or high pressure cleaner easy to remove, even after a long time. With Colad Anti-Dust your painting always remains clean and brand new. NEW: Improved formula with increased viscosity - the adhesive coating is more easily rinsed off with water The composition was adjusted to the higher drying temperatures of water-based paints Dust and paint mist be attached to the cabin wall - the quality of Lackierergebnisses rises and the walls of the painting remain clean The transparent color of the paint is no problem iest this apply also to view windows and lamp covers Containers: Canister Content: 20 liter

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 8140

OEM: 8140

EAN: 8714247002926

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