Self soldered cable ends 6.5mm eyelet 8mm

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Manufacturer Nr:50252663

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Self soldered cable ends 6.5mm eyelet 8mm


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Self soldered ring-end splice Only isolated, series sqrt Package = minimum order quantity Line - range min .: 2.5 mm² Line - range max. 6.6 mm² Eyelet hole Ø: 8.0 mm Ø Bundle max .: 6,5 Length: 52.0 mm Package: 10 Example of use: 15 mm of the insulation of all lines to be connected to each other are removed. Then align the lines and form a trunk group. Insert the wire bundle in the Interconnect-grip end users and turn slightly. The copper insert clamped firmly on the stripped wires and keeps them together. Then heat the end connector with a hot air blower. Area of ??the copper insert to heat the solder ring, the solder melts and flows into the core of the cable bundle. When using a sealed Endspleißes series GRS the sealing ring from heat melting adhesive to be heated until the adhesive melts and flows between the pipes. (No crimping)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 50252663

EAN: 4026736014315