Ring connector self soldered insulated

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Manufacturer Nr:50252660

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Ring connector self soldered insulated

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Lötkabelschuh-End Connector Only isolated, serial sqrt Package = minimum order quantity Line - range min: 1.2 mm ². Line - range max. 3.0 mm ² Eyelet hole diameter: 4.0 mm Ø bundles max. 5.0 Length: 37.0 mm Packing unit: 10 Example of use: 15 mm of the insulation of all lines to be connected to each other, remove. Then align the lines and form a line bundle. Insert the wire bundles in the solder end user grip and easy turning. The copper insert is clamped firmly to the bare wires and holds them together. Then heat the end connector with a hot air blower. Region of the copper insert to heat the solder ring, the solder melts and flows into the core of the cable bundle. When using a series of sealed Endspleißes GRS-melt adhesive of the sealing ring to be heated until the adhesive melts and flows between the pipes. (NO CRIMPING)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 50252660

EAN: 4026736014285