Battery pack bab ni-mh va

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Manufacturer Nr:56714 101 402

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Battery pack bab ni-mh va


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VARTA Power Batteries The new VARTA Power Batteries are always the best choice for energy hungry electronic devices. US size: C German size: Baby International size: HR14 Capacity: 3000 mAH Voltage: 1.20 V System: Nickel Hydride (NiMH) Format: Ready2Use * Weight: 70 g Content: 2er Blister Package: 10 * VARTA Ready2Use are already charged and can be used immediately. Once loaded these new batteries can have even 80% of its original capacity after a year of storage. These batteries require no special charger and are suited for all kinds of applications.

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 56714 101 402

EAN: 4008496550739

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