Battery Charger LCD Smart Inklusive 4AA 2100 MAH

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Manufacturer Nr:57674 101 441

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Battery Charger LCD Smart Inklusive 4AA 2100 MAH

Inklusive 4AA 2100 MAH

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Battery  Charger LCD Smart Inklusive 4AA 2100 MAH

VARTA LCD Smart Charger / Battery Charger Comfortable high-end charger for very good price-performance ratio 4 stages: charging, discharging, Test & Refresh Includes additional USB port for an external device Information on the display: V, mAh, minutes & USB charge Charging time: 1,5 hours * Comprehensive security features: Minus-Delta-U switch-off: A method for switching off the charging process, which sought to use that with fully charged batteries, the voltage (- Delta U) decreases slightly. Timer Shutdown: a safety timer shuts off after a certain period, regardless of the charging status. Detecting incorrect, unsuitable or wrongly inserted battery types / cells. Single shaft charging: Allows simultaneous charging to different combinations (for up to 4 AA / AAA) - with respect to number, status, capacities and sizes of batteries. Trickle charging: After charging is complete, continue to flow a low trickle charge to prevent self-discharge of the batteries. Device with elegant surface structure Easy insertion and removal of the batteries Worldwide usable power supply (100 - 240V) Technical specifications: Technology: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Sizes: AAA (Micro) / AA (Mignon) Shutdown function: -? v / Temperature / Timer Protection wrong polarity: Mechanical scheme Short circuit protection: No power, LCD display Charging currents: AAA: 1-2 AAA 800 mA ± 10%, 3-4 AAA 800 mA AA: 1-2 AA 1600 mA ± 10%, 3-4 AA 800 mA Backup timer: 2:25 h for 1-2AA / 1-4 AAA 4.75 h for 3-4 AA Delivery: Charger including 4 x AA (Mignon) Ready to Use battery 2400 mAh * At the test sample by 2x AA 1600 mAh

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 57674 101 441

EAN: 4008496849437