Naraku variator spring set NK90050

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Naraku variator spring set NK90050

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Aussendurchmesser : 57,7 mm Länge: 150,8 mm Contrast springs NARAKU [Set of 3] - Peugeot, Kymco Variator spring set NARAKU consisting of 3 springs. When using the counter-pressure spring, the the variator shifts in the blue spring to +1000 rev / min, with the yellow to +1500 rev / min, for the red pen to +2000 rev / min. (Roller weights unchanged) The counter-pressure spring has to compress the object, the pulley in the rear converter to the drive belt. On the other hand, it makes the impression of'' interconnection'' the variator. A change is needed soon by a tuning measure increases the performance. Noticeable by V-belts or not turning out engines. The torque spring is always in close connection with the variator. If another spring is mounted, the Vario has to be tailored to each case.

Manufacturer Nr.: Naraku NK900.50

EAN: 4250362415028

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