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Manufacturer Nr:SO-9005

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Electronic Scottoiler chain lubrication system The new eSystem combines the tried-and-tested Scottoiler technology of chain lubrication with the precise and easy handling of an electronic control system. It works with an electromagnetic pump, which is very easy to assemble. The system does not interfere with the on-board electrical system. Simply connect the cables to the positive and negative pole of the battery and the REP (reservoir with pump unit). There is no need to wire the tachometer or switch in a complicated manner or to divert pulses. The multifunction display is very easy to use and shows in driving mode: - the outside temperature - Drip rate of oil in seconds - the oil level in the reservoir (also programmable with additional reservoir) - the acceleration in g-force. The electronics integrated in the eSystem come from the Moto GP technology with a triaxial accelerometer registering the movement of the motorcycle. In addition, the system detects whether the motor of the motorcycle is running. Only when both things happen together, the system turns on. The chain will only be oiled while driving. With a quiescent power consumption of less than 200 mA, discharging the battery is no problem. When the engine is running, the eSystem consumes much less, such as heated grips. The REP has a capacity of 60 ml Scottoil and covers a travel distance of up to 1530 km and is not larger than the known RMV of the universal kit. The eSystem works independently of temperature and can be adjusted at the push of a button while driving. Of course, the Scottoiler eSystem can be combined with the Scottoiler Dual Injector, the Scottoiler Lube Tube and the Scottoiler Magnum Tank.

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: SO-9005

EAN: 724722000116