Hella parking light

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Manufacturer Nr:2PG 003 057-011

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Hella parking light

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Hella parking light

Hella Position light / parking light with reflector For the front, horizontal or vertical mounting The base plate is made of white plastic Lens with reflector With 2 holes for fastening screws M5 Lamp functions: - White (clear): Position light Rated voltage: 12/24 Volt Lens Colour: white (clear) Dimensions (WxHxD): 62 x 62 x 46 mm Number of indicator functions: 2 Fitting Position: Left / Right Inspection Tag: E1 21629, E1 31315 Matching Light Bulbs: 1x C5W

Manufacturer Nr.: Hella 2PG 003 057-011

EAN: 4082300100136

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