LOCHSAEGE BI-Metall 22 mm

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LOCHSAEGE BI-Metall 22 mm

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Milwaukee Hole Saw Hole Dozer 22 mm Ideal for demanding jobs, such as cuts in stainless steel, acid-resistant metals and softer materials such as wood Variable 4 - 6 TPI Vario toothing with positive 10 ° tooth angle Faster and more aggressive cuts Lower heat development Larger tooth depths for better material removal Specially shaped teeth reduce tilting in thin materials Limited tooth pitch reduces friction Less pressure required High quality HSS alloy with 8% cobalt content 1.27 mm thick steel body is very stable and at the same time inherently elastic Effective cutting depth of 41 mm Strong steel backing ensures high stability and lower vibrations Recesses facilitate the removal of the core Technical specifications: Diameter: 22 mm Max. Cutting depth: 41 mm

Manufacturer Nr.: Milwaukee

EAN: 45242192878