2-Stroke-oil Alpine synthetic 1L. (min. order quantity 10pc.)

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2-Stroke-oil Alpine synthetic 1L. (min. order quantity 10pc.)

Synthetic two-stroke engine oil

-Very good protection against rust, corrosion and wear.
-Extreme high temperature stability
-Stable lubricating film prevents piston clamps and seizing.
-Avoid ring plugs.
-Burns residue-free and provides protection against candle bridging.
-Use in systems with separate and mixed lubrication.
-Environmentally friendly due to very low smoke emission.

Alpine 2-T Synthetic is a synthetic two-stroke engine oil for sporty air- and water-cooled two-stroke engines in motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and mopeds with separate or mixed lubrication, up to a mixing ratio of 1:100. Observe manufacturer's instructions.