NONOISE Hearing protection, motorsport

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NONOISE Hearing protection, motorsport

NoNoise hearing protection for MOTORSPORT, incl. aluminium storage box, set

NoNoise TM INFOS and video at

>Patented precision noise filter for motorsport

- Reduces harmful wind noise
- Conversation remains clearly audible
- Increases your attention
- Comfortable, washable, reusable
- Made of silicone-free high-quality thermoplastic Especially for motorcyclists
- Motorsport
- Color: orange

Why do I need NoNoise hearing protection?
Wind noise on the motorcycle generates a noise level of up to 105 dB, for spectators at motorsport events even a noise level of 130 dB can occur. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85 dB, so it is important to always use hearing protection. Why is NoNoise hearing protection unique? NoNoise hearing protection is developed by leading European experts who have been developing and manufacturing special, custom-made hearing protection for professionals and professional use for more than 20 years. Patented high-precision ceramic filters provide maximum protection against dangerous levels of engine, wind and driving noise. The unique filtering still allows clear listening of conversation, sirens and horns without dull effect. Comfortable and suitable for all ages - ideal for bikers and other motorsport enthusiasts.

Scope of supply: 1 pair with storage box

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