Piston Replica (44,46 )

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Piston Replica (44,46 )

The Vertex pistons are manufactured entirely in Italy and are the number one pistons for many European manufacturers of motorcycles and go-karts, especially KTM. Vertex offers all experts in motor sports technically innovative and high quality Pistons designed for any application in the field of motorcycles (road and terrain), quad, ATV, Go-Karts, where high performance is essential, can be used. The Vertex piston rings used in Japan are supplied by OEM suppliers of the most important japanese motorcycle manufacturer manufactured according to the highest quality standards, i.e. they are interchangeable with the original products. Vertex is the first choice for everyone, who want the highest performance for all applications in the world of motor sports.

Vertex piston for two-stroke engines
Since a piston produced by casting has a higher Silicon content can exhibit as forged pistons, and since the pressure in the cylinders of two-stroke engines is lower than with four-stroke pistons, cast pistons are the ideal solution for this application. Vertex two-stroke pistons are produced by gravity casting made of an aluminium alloy with an Silicon content of 18%. The Silicon content plays a major role, because:
  • It reduces the thermal expansion, which after the operating temperature to be reached Can lead to changes in the shape of the piston. Due to their lower thermal expansion vertex pistons for two-stroke engines can be used work with smaller tolerances than Forged piston. This ensures that power and service life are significantly increased and a quieter operation without possible breaks is guaranteed.
  • The high silicon content also increases the Wear resistance and thus the Life of the piston without loss of power.
Vertex pistons for four-stroke engines
Four-stroke engines have a much higher Cylinder pressure as two-stroke engines and the pistons are normally equipped with a Hot forging. The Vertex pistons for Four-stroke engines are made from the high-quality of the highest quality, used in aviation Alloy 2618 hot forged, the optimal Strength and durability guaranteed. Vertex uses the data from the Development, exclusive profiles and piston head shapes, with which strength, torque and Services in general optimized and at the same time oil consumption and Leaks (blow by) can be reduced.

To facilitate running-in and to reduce wear all vertex flasks are free to rotate over the entire Piston body coated with molybdenum bisulfide (MOS2).

The Vertex products have the following features:

  • Pistons and standard components are equipped with the respective OEM products.
  • The kits consist of pistons, rings, Bolts and snap rings.
  • All pistons are heat treated with a remuneration procedure T5 or T6.
  • The replacement piston rings are also available individually available.
Piston rings from Vertex
The Vertex piston rings of the latest generation for Two-stroke and four-stroke engines consist of nitride-hardened or chromed steel. This is intended to improve their wear resistance and their service life can be optimised. The piston rings from Vertex are equipped with the respective OEM products interchangeable.

Piston bolts from Vertex:
Vertex piston pins are normally used for made of a steel alloy and case-hardened. In addition there are the following variants for the respective Fields of application:
  • Bolts with nitrite coating are normally used for for powerful four-stroke engines which are connected via a steel connecting rod with or without bronze bearings.
  • The nitrite-coated surface is extreme wear-resistant and prevents seizure the piston.
  • The piston pins for four-stroke engines KTM are coated with DLC.

Vertex recommends the following cylinder/piston installation clearance:

  50/124 ccm 125/249 ccm 250/499 ccm 500 ccm and more
Installation clearance 2-stroke engines 0.050/0.060mm 0.050/0.060mm 0.060/0.070mm 0.060/0.070mm
Installation clearance 4-stroke engines 0.050/0.070mm 0.060/0.080mm 0.060/0.080mm 0.070/0.100mm