Valve stem seal athena M739000007002

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Manufacturer Nr:M739000007002

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Valve stem seal athena M739000007002

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Valve stem gasket Athena Athena, an international company founded in 1973, develops and manufactures seals, technical spare parts and metal components for the industrial and motorcycle sector according to the highest quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001, 9002, 14001 and UNI ISO / TS 16949. In the off-road world, the Athena pool of engineers and technicians is developing new product lines in collaboration with key international teams from MXGP and AMA Supercross. Athena products undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure customers high standards of performance, competitiveness and reliability. Athena offers the widest range of replacement seals and gaskets available in the market, with more than 40 years of industry experience. Athena Sealing Kits are based on in-depth know-how, continuous technological development achieved by our in-house team of engineers and designers, and production geared strictly to the parameters required by OEMs.

Manufacturer Nr.: Athena M739000007002

EAN: M739000007002

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