Spark plug ngk dpr7eix-9

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Spark plug ngk dpr7eix-9

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Spark plug ngk dpr7eix-9

The secret of the new Iridium IX spark plug is the laser welded electrode made of iridium. Through its "minimal" diameter of only 0.6 mm it bundles ignition voltage. The Advantages of Iridium IX spark plug at a glance The optimum ignition characteristics of Iridium IX spark plugs prevent sooting in stop and go traffic. Misfire or misfiring can be prevented. This reduces emissions and conserves (if any) the catalyst and the environment. The Iridium IX spark plugs ensure "round" engine running, increase the driving experience through better acceleration and thus offer greater driving pleasure. The Iridium IX spark plug keeps at least twice as long as any normal spark plug. Frequent change of spark plugs are so "out". This in turn reduces the cost. Highest ignition reliability, uniform combustion, optimum engine performance, throttle response are the result of modern technology and reduce fuel consumption. The optimized electrode shape reduces the ignition voltage, protects the engine and assures a "round" run.

Manufacturer Nr.: NGK 7803

EAN: 087295178034

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