Motorcycle Battery YB16-B-CX YUASA

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Manufacturer Nr:YB16-B-CX USA(DC)

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Motorcycle Battery YB16-B-CX YUASA


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Yuasa Yumicron CX Motorcycle Battery - High power starter battery in a reliable brand quality - High-performance glass fiber mats against damage by vibration - By special thin separators in additional plates, the battery is replaced by up to 30% higher cold start performance - Continuous cell connections minimize internal resistance and increase performance - Sulfate-stop restricts the Plattensulfatierung significantly - The first motorcycle battery based on the lead-calcium technology, which was developed for large vehicles with complex needs - Lead-Calcium technology reduces water consumption and maintenance by 66% compared with lead-antimony batteries - The CX technology significantly reduces self-discharge - By heat connected battery case prevents leaks and corrosion - Dry unfilled - An acid pack with the appropriate amount of acid for the initial filling is sold separately

Technical data

Technical Data
Voltage   12v
Capacity   19 Ah (10 Std)
Capacity   228 Wh
Type   Standard
Manufacturer claimed CCA   255 A
SAE as measured by JMP battery tester   375 A
DIN as measured by JMP battery tester   345 A
EN as measured by JMP battery tester   210 A
Length   176 mm
Width   101 mm
Height   156 mm
Weight (including acid)   6.3 kg
Acid Pack included   No
Acid volume   1.2 L
Terminal connection   Front
Positive terminal   rear right
Negative terminal   rear left
Breather hose   Left
Manufacturer   Yuasa

Manufacturer Nr.: Yuasa YB16-B-CX USA(DC)

EAN: 048493221632

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