Motorcycle Battery YTX20L-BS YUASA

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Manufacturer Nr:YTX20L-BS(CP)

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Motorcycle Battery YTX20L-BS YUASA


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Yuasa Maintenance Free Motorcycle Battery - Maintenance-free starter battery in a reliable brand quality - Leakproof by AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Mat) - Leak-proof pressure relief valve prevents ignition of the electrolyte at elevated pressure - Vibration-resistant - Up to 3x longer life than standard batteries - Advanced lead-calcium technology increases the starting power - Sulfate-stop restricts the Plattensulfatierung significantly - Maintenance free batteries do not require topping up with distilled water - By heat connected battery case prevents leaks and corrosion - An acid pack with the appropriate amount of acid for filling is included Identical in construction to: JM MPN YTX20L-BS Varta Manufacturer number 518901026 GS Manufacturer No GTX20L-BS Restriction: For Quad models different batteries may be installed depending on the country.

Technical data

Technical Data
Voltage   12v
Capacity   18 Ah (10 Std)
Capacity   216 Wh
Type   Maintenance free
Manufacturer claimed CCA   270 A
SAE as measured by JMP battery tester   505 A
DIN as measured by JMP battery tester   465 A
EN as measured by JMP battery tester   280 A
Length   175 mm
Width   87 mm
Height   155 mm
Weight (including acid)   6.3 kg
Acid Pack included   Yes
Acid volume   0.93 L
Terminal connection   Front
    from above
Positive terminal   Front right
Negative terminal   Front left
Breather hose   Without
Manufacturer   Yuasa

Manufacturer Nr.: Yuasa YTX20L-BS(CP)

OEM: 4SH-82100-21 4SH-82100-00 515176151 65989-97A 65989-97C 31500-MCA-000 31500-MCA-003 31500-HN8-761 31500LDB5E0B 31500LDB5E0A 03704571 T2502450 5FU-H2100-20 4SH-82100-22 BTY-YTX20-LB 410301203 31021800 31021801 31500-HN8-F11

EAN: 5050694004551

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