YB10L-B DIN51113 dry-battery 136x91x146mm

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YB10L-B DIN51113 dry-battery 136x91x146mm

without acid
/ without acid Yumicron

Battery Ordinance for End Users

Please note:
The Battery Ordinance of the Federal Ministry for the Environment states that every seller of automotive starter batteries is legally obliged to levy a deposit of 7.50 EURO if in return no old battery of the same or a similar type is returned.7.50 EURO must be paid if you purchase a battery. Consumers are obliged to dispose of used batteries properly. When returning your old battery to a collection point set up by the public waste disposal authority, have the disposal confirmed to you by means of a stamp and signature and return it to us stating your customer number for reimbursement of the deposit. Or you hand in your old battery together with the pawn ticket for the refund of the pawn. (Shipping is not permitted due to the Hazardous Goods Ordinance.)

OEM: 3361008310000, 497629, 26012050, 497412