Brake disc ebc MD614X

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Brake disc ebc MD614X


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EBC X / XC series - Full floating brake discs for the front wheel These discs replace many of the LS (Left) / RS (right) brake discs and can be installed on both sides. The steel used for the new EBC brake discs is a special stainless steel connection with a higher frictional effect than that of conventional heat-treated stainless steel discs. With the 10% improvement in the friction effect, the braking force is increased even further. The weight of the new series and''X''''XC'' is reduced by 5-10% by the 6-riveting system with lightweight inner ring, which in turn means an improvement over conventional brake discs The new brake discs are fitted with the unique and patented SD system of EBC, allow its square rivets in the recesses of the brake disc of the resulting heat during braking an unlimited expansion of the outer and inner rings, without affecting the rivet Such impairment arises when the brake disc is heated by hard braking and the outer ring touches the (normally circular) rivets, which separate the outer ring of the inner ring. With the new EBC system, this problem is prevented, which causes defects 100% of the brake discs, which are induced by a warping of the disc and vibration. What is the SD system? It involves the new square rivet system of EBC. With this system, a distortion of the brake disk is completely prevented, increased rotor life and improves the durability of the braking effect.

Technical data

Technical Data
Outer Diameter   320 mm
Inner Diameter   64.2 mm
PCD   80 mm
Number of mounting bolts   6
Bolt hole diameter   8.5 mm
Thickness   4 mm
Offset   9.5 mm
Type   Floating
Manufacturer   EBC

Manufacturer Nr.: EBC MD614X

EAN: 5050953315442

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