ABS control unit - reconditioning for Yamaha 2007- with 2 years warranty

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Manufacturer:Extreme Voltage

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ABS control unit - reconditioning for Yamaha 2007- with 2 years warranty

Repair for the following errors:

  • One or more wheels lock permanently or are not braked
  • valve for corresponding brake circuit does not open or close
  • No entry in the error memory

Please send us your defective module completely drained of brake fluid.
The repair time from receipt of goods is usually no more than 7 working days
. Please note that we reserve the right to supply a repaired exchange module.
The warranty only covers the work carried out. For dismantled control units sent to us, the installation costs are not part of our warranty and cannot be reimbursed. Costs for inspections by external companies are not reimbursed.
The warranty for replacement units only covers the assemblies/components listed in the invoice. The warranty is limited to the faults stated in our offer which apply to the customer vehicle. The vehicle model, as well as the year of manufacture and the device number must be checked by the customer himself.
The warranty period begins from the date of invoice and is 2 years
We do not repair control units or other components if they are not in their original condition or if they have been opened. However, at the express request of the customer, we carry out repairs to the best of our knowledge. This requires the consent of the customer. In such a case, we reserve the right not to grant or limit a warranty on the device, its installation and proper functioning.
Our guarantee is generally valid in the EU.

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Expiry of a warranty claim:
Please send us your possible notice of defects in writing:.
In order to be able to assess in advance whether it is a warranty claim, the corresponding component must be read out again by the customer and the error code including a copy of the invoice must be sent to us. Once we have agreed to examine the warranty case, the device can be sent to us and the warranty service can be claimed.
The granting of a warranty service is excluded if devices sent in have already been corroded or opened. Any guarantee and warranty will also become void if the installation is not carried out by a specialist workshop.

OEM: B33859300900, B34859300900, 5VS859300900, 5VU859300900, 5SJ859300900, 5VS859300000, 5GM85930A000, 5RU859300900, 5D0859300900, 5D7859300900, 5CG85930A900, 5D0859300000, 5CG859300000, 5CG859300900, 59P859300900, 59P859301900, 56P859300900, 59C859300900, 4P5

Please note, that vehicle spare parts should only be installed by a qualified specialist workshop to ensure their proper function and the road safety of the vehicle.: