Haynes repair manual 5889

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Haynes repair manual 5889

YAMAHA XJ6 & FZ6R (09-15)

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Haynes repair manual 5889

Important note: The Haynes repair manuals are available in English only. The Haynes repair manual you can do extensive work on your vehicle, from the most basic maintenance to complete repairs. Each manual is based on a complete disassembly of the vehicle. The Haynes authors and technicians work out the best methods to the work to be done in the best possible and present them so that everyone can perform this. The repair manuals have clear instructions and hundreds of images showing each step. Whether you are a beginner or a competent mechanic. Haynes is now since more than 50 years of expertise when it comes to repair instructions. Each guide includes: A clear and simple page layout Detailed tender carrying out the work from practical experience Instruction through numerous images Troubleshooting information For information about specific tools Colored diagrams (where available)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 5889

EAN: 694414012282

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